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Canvas Grid - JS1K entry

Thursday, September 30, 2010 { 4 Comments }

If you are Java Script developer you probably heard about 1k Javascript contest.

Like many I also wanted to experiment with the new HTML5 canvas element. There are many canvas demos on the contest that are incredible. It still amaze me what people did with 1Kb of JS.

I started with the thought not to build something cool but something useful that can be used after the contest.

The main inspiring idea were the Mark Pilgrim thoughts and examples about canvas.

I decided to build simple Canvas Grid with 10px squares and 100px marks around all the visual browser space.

I used the code to later build an bookmarklet who can help many web designers to better understand the relation between browser dimensions and the web site.

And here is a picture what this bookmarklet does:

And here is the bookmarklet:

Canvas Grid - Drag the link to your browser bookmark toolbar, use F5(refresh) to clear the grid

Note: In some cases you will have web site colors that are similar to the grid lines or have high contrast and you will get non clear results. Fell to modify this script or bookmarklet in any way you like. If you have any questions fell free to comment or send me an email.

I have great startup idea: It’s Hacker News ReDesign

Friday, September 24, 2010 { 0 Comments }

Hacker News is probably the best community for startups, computer businesses, new progressive technologies and movements, new programming languages and database concepts ..

The "problem" with HN is that is rapidly growing. Every day many new "hackers" are joining the site pushing more end more news and discussions.

But the growth without proper direction and vision can destroy one web site. Excellent example for this is Digg. They didn’t manage to control their growth and the users are leaving the site. Another but this time positive example is Reddit everyone thought they will fail but they canalize their enlargement and did proportional and healthy growth.

I think that the HN founder and maintainer of the site Paul Graham is deliberately trying to keep HN less attractive for the newcomers in order to maintain the quality not quantity. So the site has never been seriously redesigned.

But like I sad the community is growing, and the users need site that works.

This is my personal list of the things that need to be changed:

1) Better readability(typography) I wrote before about this.

2) Official Site Search

3) Official API

4) Possibility to bookmark an article (there are some HN discussion and advices that are priceless, I don’t want to use Delicios for that anymore)

5) Official Tell HN section (people desperately need some place where can show their products, new ides, new startups …)

6) 30 + 5 just submitted articles on the front page ( this can give more possibilities to the new articles to get more attention)

7) Your thoughts, what you want to the new HN?

How all this can be done?

There are probably many people including myself that are willing to help for 20.000$ (that are usually the money that HN gives for one startup).

How can this startup earn money?
By one Ad one month program. There are many sites like Daring Fireball that have only one Ad on the web site that doesn’t disturb anyone.

So you have 20000$ investment for the site redesign and if you charge 1666$ per mount for the Advertisement you will earn 20000 in one year.

I was playing with my new wireframing tool and I sketch the New HN

Click to Enlarge

Your thoughts are precious, you can also comment on HN

Fireworks Mini Web Wireframing Kit

Thursday, September 23, 2010 { 1 Comments }

Recently I saw Jonas Skoglund Fireworks wireframes kit (Dragnet) that directly inspired me to try Fireworks as an prototyping tool and build this mini kit.

For this experiment I used Fireworks 8 (very old version of Fireworks).

The idea behind this mini wireframe kit is to give you just the essential shapes for web wireframing. For everything else you can use natively Fireworks because Fireworks itself is great tool for prototyping and wirefriming.

Fireworks Mini Web Wireframing Kit

Download the Fireworks Mini Web Wireframing Kit - 90 Kb (.PNG)

The file is in .PNG format which is native to Fireworks and means you can edit and resize all the shapes in Adobe Fireworks.

Released under WTFPL License

iPhone Wireframe Kit - Google Docs

Monday, September 06, 2010 { 3 Comments }

Few weeks ago I saw this post on speckyboy.com that inspired me to try the Google Docs Drawing online tool.

Google Drawing is very simple but powerful vector online tool. Probably the best thing is that you don’t need to download anything and can draw directly in the browser. You will get the filing that you are working in serious graphic program like Illustrator. Nice work Google! In order to use this tool you need to have Google account.

My experiment was to build iPhone GUI starting from with my previous iPhone PSD Template.

So the result is:

iPhone Wireframe Kit

Download iPhone Wireframe Kit

iPhone Picture

Download iPhone Wireframe OR Download iPhone Empty Wireframe

You can easily personalize, duplicate, replicate, ungroup any element.

Released under WTFPL License

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