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4 useful Bookmarklet for Twitter, Google, CSS, SEO

Tuesday, August 04, 2009 { 7 Comments }

What is bookmarklet?


Bookmarklet is a tiny program (a JavaScript application) contained in a bookmark (the URL is a "javascript:" URL) which can be saved and used the same way you use normal bookmarks.


A bookmarklet is an applet, a small computer application, stored as the URL of a bookmark in a web browser or as a hyperlink on a web page.

Techniacly speaking bookmarklet look like this:
<a href="javascript:alert('put some javascript after javascript:');"> bookmarklet </a>
The cool thing is bookmarklet is not a plug in and you don’t need to install it and works in every browser.

This week I was playing around with javascript and bookmarklets and I created some bookmarklet for my personal use. I think they can be useful for everyone.

FastTweet. I generally use the web interface for twitter posting. When I find some cool link on the web I normally do copy paste of the title and url. With this bookmarklet the process is automatic, inserting the url and title inside twitter. And you don’t need to give your twitter username and password.

AutoTranslate. Often happens some of my work to be translated or posted on some blog written on some language that I don’t understand. So I use Google Translate doing copy paste of the url and parameters setup. Now this bookmarklet will autotranslate any language(supported by GoogleTranslate) to English.

RedDIV. One of first things I do when I visit some new web site is to check up the site structure and CSS. Specially interesting for me is the DIV structure. So I build this "primitive" bookmarklet for fast DIV profiling, it will just put red border around the DIV. It also works in IE6 who has no fancy tools like Firebug. This tool is inspired from Jens Meiert post Diagnostic Styling Reloaded.

NoFollow is for SEO geeks. It simply colors nofollow links to yellow.

You can >> see and downlad bookmarklets here << .

Useful links:

How To Make a Bookmarklet For Your Web Application
Make a User Style Bookmarklet (I used for RedDIV and NoFollow)

Note:Like often happens I find out that "The Simpsons Already Did It" 5 minutes before the post.

Update: New Bookmarklet Google Dictionary

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