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Emastic CSS Templates

Thursday, November 27, 2008 { 3 Comments }

Free CSS Templates(Layouts) designed with Emastic CSS Framework

Emastic Templates


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Malo CSS Library

Monday, November 17, 2008 { 1 Comments }

Malo is very small CSS Library (call it CSS Framework if you want) for building small or medium web sites.

Not always we need complex CSS to build our structure. Emastic can probably handle all complex grid scenarios but do we all need complex grid?
That is how idea of Malo was born, simple reset and simple grid no typography,print,forms (complete designer freedom) .

For more info examples and download http://code.google.com/p/malo/


Emastic Beta3 released!

Thursday, November 13, 2008 { 3 Comments }

Emastic beta 3 comes with some structural improvements
percent-grid.css and absolute-grid.css.
These components will give even more flexibility, elasticity and absolute positioning.

I decided that they will not be a part of core structure because I want to "keep it simple" Emastic is design to be minimalistic and modular css framework, now core weights only 4 kb let's leave it that way.

Percent-grid.css and absolute-grid.css are part of Plugins.
Percent-grid.css can work alone like Framework inside Framework or with combination of grid.css or some other component.

Absolute-grid.css works always with combination of grid.css he will handle absolute positioned div or other elements into relative positioned "main" class.
Also I add semantic.css to improve the naming convention and code organization.

Who says CSS Frameworks are not semantic :)

There are some new examples:

New in Emastic(beta3)
Percent Grid
Absolute position
Absolute Hi!
Can we build house with emastic?
Emastic Table!?
Typography Pulp
Typography Down
Typography Fight Club

More info & download

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