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The Twitter is not about you, it is about the community

Tuesday, March 31, 2009 { 1 Comments }

The first time I joined twitter it seemed like some useless web 2.0 project. Why should I write to myself!?
I didn’t get it at that time. Now I get it: Twitter is not about me, it is about the community.

I want to share some personal suggestions about Twitter:

  1. Put picture or avatar on your twitter page, you know how do you look like, we don’t .

  2. Put link to your web site/blog, so that we can learn more about you. If you don’t have web site/blog put link to your profile on Flickr, MySpace, Facebook …

  3. Limit yourself to 10 twitts a day. You are not only one who twits. And don’t do more than 2 post in a row. Give space to the other users.

  4. If you are following something like 4000 people, you probably don’t care what people are saying because you can’t follow 4000 people .

Final thoughts: Twitter is truly remarkable tool of communication it is my opinion fastest and most effective to get your thoughts on web. Twitter is now growing super rapidly and I think we should all respect the Twitter “eco system”.

I know it is challenging to have many followers and to spread the word very quickly but In my humble opinion you should try to build natural links with other twitters, share your thoughts like you share them with your real friends and give space to other users. And remember twitter is not about you, it is about the community.

Google redesign (Google in a grid)

Thursday, March 12, 2009 { 17 Comments }

Google line based results have served us well all these years. Line based results are great for text. But with increasing internet speed line based result are little outdated. Often we have pictures, videos (maybe sounds one day) inside the search result.

I think grids are much better when we want to integrate text and pictures (videos).

Why not give the users possibility to switch to grid layout?

What else can be improved in the Google result?

What about bigger font size and bigger input text box.

Here are four different examples(links):

This was just a little experiment, when working on possible real redesign many other factors and tests like monitor size, number of columns in various monitor, were to insert various videos or pictures should be considered.

Why google shoud implement the grid based system?

First, grids can use the space better horizontally and vertically.
Much better experience for users.
More visibility for AdWords Sponsored Links, hence extra money for Google ;)

For this experiment I used Malo - CSS Library

F pattern or just simple triangle

Tuesday, March 03, 2009 { 11 Comments }

Couple weeks ago I read in Google Blog about their eye tracking research.

Jacob Nielsen called this pattern F – Shaped Pattern because it look like the letter F.

I was often wondering what is so special about the letter F. Probably Nothing. Because the shape is more like to be the triangle not the letter F.

Triangle is one of the most common shapes in nature, it will be more logical if we form same triangle pattern not to mention when we focus we always make triangle with our eyes and the focus point.

Ok, this "triangle" assumption is not based on some research study is just my observation.

I think if we need to make more serious research study on how we actually read on web we need to cover various parameters.

Then little psychology. What are we searching, what are our interests …

When you enter in some newspaper site what first do you look?

I think if you are football fan you will look for football sport results, if you like Obama you will search first for Obama.
Ok, big bold typeface may trick you for an instant but you will go and search for the things you actually care. And in this case we can’t have default reading pattern for all the users.

I started with the Google example. Lets analyze Google results.

First thing to do searching for something completely new. We shouldn’t have any knowledge about the topic otherwise we will select the things that we know. We need something like Turritopsis nutricula . Did you click on the Wikipedia site first? I did. We probably should eliminate all authority sites from the search result.

Let’s try with Saccharomyces cerevisiae. This is just the Latin name for ....
I actually scanned from top to bottom and I didn’t click anything. I think this is perfect way to get near to the possible default reading pattern. If is any.

What do you think?

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