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2011 summary report

Friday, December 30, 2011 { 0 Comments }

If I need to define my professional 2011 in two words I would say: JavaScript and Design.

I did some deep dive into JavaScript this year. JavaScript is everywhere. It is cross-platform and cross-program language you can use JavaScript for making scripts inside Windows or using it inside Photoshop or to make server side code with Node.js.
But my main effort was to make JavaScript Framework for building mobile web apps that I hadn't time to publish it this year. Hopefully at the beginning of 2012.

Here are some JavaScript articles and projects from this year:

Design - Like a programmer I always was afraid to "touch" anything related to design. I even convinced myself that I'm not good for that. Today I believe there is not such thing as "you are no good for that", you need to believe in yourself and practice. Photoshop become my best friend I build Photoshop Wireframing Kit , Hand Drawn Icons and I'm currently working on my second pictograms icon set and I'm making some Posters. I spoke about Layout, Typography, Gestalt and the future of ebooks.

CSS - To my collection of CSS Frameworks I added Foxy - CSS Framework and Child Selector System - CSS Framework

HTML - HTML Lorem Ipsum Crash Test

I wanted to do this year, but I didn't. I made four new CSS Framework but I didn't have time to prepare the documentation. I wanted to update The Golden Grid, Malo and Hartija. Two new mobile JavaScript Frameworks. My research on Uni Computer Grid System. About 10 apps for iPhone and iPad and list goes on … The good thing is the code is 85% ready in most cases. So I hope to finish some projects in early 2012.

Plans for 2012. Beside finishing all project from 2011 I wanted to try to make one mobile app (iPhone,Android) per month. 12 mounts 12 apps. That is my big challenge for 2012. But for now I will enjoy my Holidays :)

Happy Holidays Everyone

Hand Drawn Icons

Monday, December 12, 2011 { 0 Comments }

After few mounts of hard work I'm happy to present my latest project Hand Drawn Icons.
The icon set contains 282 designed icons in 32 x 32 px .png and photoshop .psd (layers) format. All icons are designed in Photoshop with help of Bamboo Drawing Tablet and the raster format is used for preserving the icons authenticity.

Here is how the icons look like:

Currently for the launch until the end of this year this set is available for half price at $ 9.5

I hope you like this icon set


Also some hand designed Christmas Icons are available for free.

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