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Calendar 2010

Wednesday, December 23, 2009 { 4 Comments }

First I will start some with some self-criticism this is perfect example when design fails to be effective. If the propose of the design is to be simple and self explaining this is not the case. This is the example when you need the manual to explain the design. And I hate that.

So why I did it. In this case I wanted to be design for design (L'Art Pour L'Art) maybe because I need to go around my "everything should be usable" principle.

I imagined that the design of the calendar should be circular, Earth takes about 365.25 days to go around the Sun making elliptical trajectory and that is one year.

In astronomy, unlike geometry, 360° means returning to the same point in some cyclical time scale, either one mean solar day or one sidereal day for rotation on Earth's axis, or one sidereal year or one mean tropical year or even one mean Julian year containing exactly 365.25 days for revolution around the Sun.
- Wikipedia

So symbolically I used "round" design and the final result is this:

Calendar 2010

The bolded numbers like 7,14,21,28,35 are Sunday. So the numbers represent the days of the week. So one is not one is Monday. The circle line starts from the first day of the month. For 1-st January (the white line closest to circle numbers) we have Friday or 5 so we starts from 5 + 31 days and ends up 35.

I also made a mathematical model and heat map of the average temperature range of all the months and seasons. To get more simple white is cold , black is hot.

You can see more details here : Spreadsheets

Play around with the Illustrator .ai file: Calendar2010.zip

Bookmarklet for Google Dictionary

Wednesday, December 09, 2009 { 1 Comments }

Few days ago Google silently publish their new product called Google Dictionary. It is very cool product because unites google web search, google images and classical dictionary.

I build one small Bookmarklet who can help you use this product in "remote".

How to use this bookmarklet?

First go to this page and Drag & Drop the link to your browser bookmark toolbar.

Then select any English word from any place on web and click on Google Dictionary Bookmarklet in your bookmark toolbar. And that is it.

What the bookmarklet does is saves you time for copy and pasting the word and searching the Google Dictionary page.

Here are some other bookmarklets that I made in the past and the explanation what are bookmarklets.

Also this one is very useful and I use it often.


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