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Integration of Better Web Readability Project with Readable

Thursday, June 11, 2009 { 5 Comments }

In the "How we read on the web" post, I explained my hypothesis on 80% scanning and 20% reading.

Until we find something extremely interesting to read, we’re always in scanning mode.

I remember that, when I first started to read heavily on my monitor, I was printing everything on paper. So the second phase was reading the text optimized for printing and the third (current) phase was "no reading": I just scanned the text, and if said text was not super interesting -- causing me to switch to printing – I was basically tired after just the first phrase.

So I tried to the help improve readability on the internet by making Better Web Readability Project - CSS Library.

However, in order to use this project, you need to rewrite your web site. So, in general, it is not very handy.

About 2 weeks ago, by pure chance, I discovered Readable (A jQuery based bookmarklet). I tested on many web sites, and I must say I was impressed with its performance. So I almost instantly suggested to Readable’s creator (Gabriel Coarna) that we join forces.

Readable is an excellent bookmarklet that extracts the main text from any page and contributes to “killing” all the noise around said text. You can learn more at this link.

Hopefully, by combining the typography of the Better Web Readability Project and the text extraction method of Readable, we’ve managed to build an even better project. We hope it helps you read more of the internet, more comfortably.

Our final result is this bookmarklet (works in every modern browser):

Readable - download & personalization

You can contribute to this project by giving us suggestions on how we can improve both our projects – both separately, as well as the integration between the two.

5 Responses to “Integration of Better Web Readability Project with Readable”

  1. // Anonymous Andy Walpole // 6/11/2009

    This is fantastic mate - it actually works!

    Amazing stuff - this is little booklet is staying on my broswer  

  2. // Anonymous Martin Michálek // 6/16/2009

    Great work and valuable feedback for webdesigners!

    I think that Readable App is some kind of UI-hotfix. :) It could be webdesigner objective to make website content readable without that.  

  3. // Blogger Vladimir // 6/16/2009

    @Martin: I completely agree with you.  

  4. // Anonymous srgmmss // 12/09/2009

    Good work, really. I use many bookmarklets, however I prefer TidyRead for better readability.  

  5. // Anonymous srgmmss // 12/09/2009

    herewith the link: http://www.tidyread.com/  

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