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Google redesign (Google in a grid)

Thursday, March 12, 2009 { 16 Comments }

Google line based results have served us well all these years. Line based results are great for text. But with increasing internet speed line based result are little outdated. Often we have pictures, videos (maybe sounds one day) inside the search result.

I think grids are much better when we want to integrate text and pictures (videos).

Why not give the users possibility to switch to grid layout?

What else can be improved in the Google result?

What about bigger font size and bigger input text box.

Here are four different examples(links):

This was just a little experiment, when working on possible real redesign many other factors and tests like monitor size, number of columns in various monitor, were to insert various videos or pictures should be considered.

Why google shoud implement the grid based system?

First, grids can use the space better horizontally and vertically.
Much better experience for users.
More visibility for AdWords Sponsored Links, hence extra money for Google ;)

For this experiment I used Malo - CSS Library

16 Responses to “Google redesign (Google in a grid)”

  1. // Anonymous Anonymous // 3/12/2009

    Cool post! Thanks  

  2. // Blogger Mohan Arun // 3/12/2009

    No i dont like grids personally - this is the same thing that turned me off at Cuil. Grid can be an option but it cant be default. I will stop using Google if it switched to grid search results  

  3. // Blogger Vladimir // 3/12/2009

    @L. Mohan Arun: This is exactly my point. Optional Grids! Not default. If you prefer Grids you will switch to grid otherwise everything remains the same like before.  

  4. // Anonymous Anonymous // 3/12/2009

    Hopefully Google doesn't read your blog. If they implement grid like structure *by default* then I have to view google without CSS to get the view I want. Line based scans so much quicker.

    Optional, ofcourse, would be nice.  

  5. // Anonymous Anonymous // 3/12/2009

    You can do that already by Greasemoney & Google Monkey R script  

  6. // Anonymous Anonymous // 3/12/2009

    Like the dude above said...


  7. // Anonymous Anonymous // 3/13/2009

    one major thing missing and the reason google doesn't do this. where do the ads go?  

  8. // Blogger Vladimir // 3/13/2009

    @all: Nobody noticed that there are 4 links? One with Santana, Elvis and two with Google AdWords? My bad!! I realized to late that all links look like they are part of the picture. And all the hard work was for them! I did some updates on the post.  

  9. // Anonymous Anonymous // 3/13/2009

    Definitely a terrilbe redesign. Google's signature is its simplicity and usability. The grid makes it lose so much functionality  

  10. // Anonymous Anonymous // 3/13/2009

    yeah this is really terrible  

  11. // Blogger Vladimir // 3/14/2009

    I definitely touched very sensitive argument - Google Redesign. I remember when I switched from Yahoo to Google, I did because Google was faster and simpler. Today is still fast and simple. Nobody want to take that from you. My proposal was and still is OPTIONAL Grid Design. Why is that?
    The Grid can hold much more information, more photos and videos and can contribute for better visible experience.The Grids can give certain order to the information. And if you are happy with current results you will not switch to the Grid Design.  

  12. // Blogger Unknown // 3/15/2009

    Just putting the information in 5 across grid doesn't mean it's a good grid. A grid design system doesn't mean just toss search results up in a checkerboard pattern. A well designed grid like you say will indeed improve scan-ability of a page, but this attempt at a grid layout isn't functional. There's no context for each post because they are all identical. The list view google currently employs is always going to beat out a checkerboard grid like this...  

  13. // Blogger Vladimir // 3/16/2009

    @Gene: I must say I agree with you. For one serious redesign takes time effort planing and research. Like I sad this was just one little experiment.

    @all I think i picked wrong title for this post, maybe something like "Linear vs Grid search engines design" would worked better. I was hopping of more "creative discussion" of possible solutions for all search engines in general. How can we improve the visual experience? Do you like only text in the search results or more photos and videos. What about sound, songs? We are not talking just linear or grids any solution(2D, 3D, Holograms). How do you imagine your perfect search result? Please comment!  

  14. // Anonymous Anonymous // 3/18/2009

    i like it.
    as you mentioned, it needs a lot of thought to make it usable.
    most google-users don't go beyond the first result-page, and this grid-idea could mean more results on the first page, which is good for google.
    maybe some kind of cloud system would work, like symbaloo, with the main results displayed bigger or according to the golden mean or something.

  15. // Anonymous Anonymous // 3/24/2009

    What you're missing is that the list carries meaningful information in it's structure. The results are ordered for a reason!  

  16. // Anonymous Anonymous // 3/25/2009

    Ingenious. Google should hire you.  

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