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Formy CSS Framework out of Beta

Thursday, January 15, 2009 { 8 Comments }

After long beta1 and beta2 test period Formy is in 0.8.

What is new?

I merged reset.css into form.css. I fixed some bugs in form.css and the code it reorganized giving you more space for personalization.
Now the form.css is made of reset, structure and color palette.

What is the idea behind Formy?
Formy is build to help you mange web forms in more natural way. No lists no tables just CSS and br for the structure of HTML .

What to expect from the new version?

More personalization(color palette)
Errors management

Examples and download at:http://code.google.com/p/formy-css-framework

8 Responses to “Formy CSS Framework out of Beta”

  1. // Anonymous Anonymous // 1/15/2009

    Thanks Alot for the great post  

  2. // Blogger Unknown // 1/15/2009

    It's better but there are still errors with checkboxes/radions alignment in Opera:

  3. // Blogger Vladimir // 1/15/2009

    @sam dark: I'm using 9.5 version of Opera. You can notice that every browser have different way of rendering checkboxes/radio . Trust me I did a lot of fine tuning. Only solution for pixel perfect result is different fix for every browser and various distributions of the same browser. Opera renders forms differently in 9.23 and 9.5.  

  4. // Anonymous Anonymous // 1/15/2009

    I think you mean "What to expect from the new version".  

  5. // Blogger Vladimir // 1/15/2009

    Thank you for the tip! I just changed. Now is "expect" :)  

  6. // Anonymous Anonymous // 1/15/2009

    Not too sure I understand the usefulness of this project?

    Seems in any application where you need forms you'd end up overwriting the small list of CSS rules in you "framework".  

  7. // Blogger Vladimir // 1/15/2009

    @eferraiuolo:I build Formy because I didn't want to rewrite the same code for every new form.You can note that inside Formy you have only general settings(label,legend ..). You don't have CSS classes inside Formy and you don't need to write CSS just pure HTML for your forms. We can define Formy like form reset(rebuilding the structure of web form) plus color palette.  

  8. // Blogger Dean Burge // 1/15/2009

    Pretty neat. I was event able to package it as a plugin for http://unobtrusivecss.com/  

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