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Emastic Beta3 released!

Thursday, November 13, 2008 { 3 Comments }

Emastic beta 3 comes with some structural improvements
percent-grid.css and absolute-grid.css.
These components will give even more flexibility, elasticity and absolute positioning.

I decided that they will not be a part of core structure because I want to "keep it simple" Emastic is design to be minimalistic and modular css framework, now core weights only 4 kb let's leave it that way.

Percent-grid.css and absolute-grid.css are part of Plugins.
Percent-grid.css can work alone like Framework inside Framework or with combination of grid.css or some other component.

Absolute-grid.css works always with combination of grid.css he will handle absolute positioned div or other elements into relative positioned "main" class.
Also I add semantic.css to improve the naming convention and code organization.

Who says CSS Frameworks are not semantic :)

There are some new examples:

New in Emastic(beta3)
Percent Grid
Absolute position
Absolute Hi!
Can we build house with emastic?
Emastic Table!?
Typography Pulp
Typography Down
Typography Fight Club

More info & download

3 Responses to “Emastic Beta3 released!”

  1. // Anonymous Anonymous // 11/14/2008

    Please check screenshots. Tried to post on google code -- no chance.

    Why not to publish your project on github.com?

    Good luck.

    Opera 9.61

    MS Internet Explorer 7

    Mozilla FireFox 3.03  

  2. // Anonymous Anonymous // 11/14/2008

    It looks nice and powerful for first look. None annoying wrong typo details as in other css frameworks. Clever designed. Good work! Keep going.  

  3. // Blogger Vladimir // 11/14/2008

    @madt: I know! I use "*" hack for IE.
    50% in normal browsers 49.9% in IE and Opera. I will probably write mini tutorial how to use absolute and percent grid. I think Emastic 2 is on github.com. Thank you for your tests and screenshots.  

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