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Emastic - CSS Framework(beta1) is out!

Wednesday, July 16, 2008 { 3 Comments }

Writing pre-prepared and reusable CSS(Framework) is become my obsession.

After reading "Flexible Layouts: Challenge For The Future" I decided to make CSS Framework who will resolve the problem of the elastic layout also the problem of default width of the container of the page and to ad one fluid column. Also if its possible to reduce the CSS size to minimum.

I had some experience some "mini" css frameworks like Hartija and Formy but building complete CSS Grid Framework is relay a challenge.
I analyzed all the Grid CSS Frameworks and almost everything connected with the Grid System.But I did not want to reinvent the weal just to improve the main defects of the existent CSS Frameworks and to ad some new feature's.

And the result is emastic - css framework!
I publish the early beta on: http://code.google.com/p/emastic/
There are you can find some demos and mini tutorial.

Tell me what you think about these project! Your feedback is essential!


3 Responses to “Emastic - CSS Framework(beta1) is out!”

  1. // Anonymous Anonymous // 8/21/2008

    This is really great, really tiny I forked your project (keeping credits) to add my own ideas! hope you don't mind!

    I'm still starting but here is the development http://github.com/marze/eureka/tree/master  

  2. // Anonymous Anonymous // 11/11/2008

    Nice effort, but documentation is very little. I can see what emastic does with its grids system, but I do not see how the reset and type libraries differ from the others. Maybe put in more descriptions?  

  3. // Anonymous Anonymous // 11/11/2008

    Terrific!! It looks really good.

    - S  

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