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Formy - finally out

Wednesday, June 25, 2008 { 6 Comments }

After one month of reviewing, code rewriting, testing... finally is out! Formy.

What is Formy?

Formy is mini CSS Framework for building web forms.

Why Formy?

I just was not happy with the existing solution for building web forms. There are so many solutions for web forms: forms with list(ul,li), forms inside tables,fancy forms with ajax ..

But I needed simple solution! I wanted to write elementary HTML code and leave all the dirty work CSS.
That is why I made Formy.
All the HTML formatting is made with the " br " tag, imho this is natural HTML Form writing.

If you are interested you can find more info at: Formy or download

You can find all the demo inside the Formy CSS Form Framework 0.8(beta).zip

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6 Responses to “Formy - finally out”

  1. // Blogger Joshua McKenty // 6/25/2008

    Stumbled across this post, looks interesting but neither your blog, or the project site, have an example form. Fix, please?  

  2. // Blogger Unknown // 6/25/2008

    I think its great that you took the time to developed this, but could you spare a minute and take a screen shot for the world to see? Please?  

  3. // Blogger Carlos Leopoldo Magaña Zavala // 6/25/2008

    I can't find an example  

  4. // Blogger Thunder Down Under // 6/25/2008

    Good work on the project.

    One comment on general form and semantics;

    I notice you're laying out your radio/checkboxes on the page by placing an empty label right before them to equally space them.

    While that works, I don't think it's the ideal solution.

    My general approach would be to put them inside a container and float them up along side the label.

    Depending on which way you swing, semantically speaking, you'd probably want a UL or a DIV container.

    <ul class="buttonGroup">
    <li><input type="checkbox" /></li>

  5. // Blogger Binny V A // 6/25/2008

    Thanks for this. I will use some parts of the code in my project.  

  6. // Blogger Antonio Max // 6/26/2008

    Please dude, update your post with some screenshots or something like it, host your demo....
    Ill not download a link with a nice name.

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