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ramd.js - Small JavaScript library for making TODO-like web apps

Monday, July 16, 2018 { 0 Comments }

Few weeks ago I made Minimal Notes - TODO like web app made with Vue.js. Vue.js is great but it felt like overkill using that huge framework for making that simple app. Frameworks like React, Vue or Anuglar are great but we rarely use their full potential. Sometimes we need simple tool for making simple project.

I decided to make small JS library for doing just that, simple tool for making TODO-like web apps.

I'm taking about RAMD.js or Render - Add - Modify, Delete simple JS library for making web TODO projects. It is only 0.65 Kb minified and compressed.

It is based around "simplified virtual DOM" that is JavaScript Object listing the essential element properties. It is internal database that can be managed or stored locally or on the server.
You can use RAMD.js for making “list” applications and you can save the "simplified virtual DOM" in the browser or on the server. All is made with simple JavaScript functions that you can modify and personalise.

You can find ramd.js here:


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