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Fireworks Mini Web Wireframing Kit

Thursday, September 23, 2010 { 1 Comments }

Recently I saw Jonas Skoglund Fireworks wireframes kit (Dragnet) that directly inspired me to try Fireworks as an prototyping tool and build this mini kit.

For this experiment I used Fireworks 8 (very old version of Fireworks).

The idea behind this mini wireframe kit is to give you just the essential shapes for web wireframing. For everything else you can use natively Fireworks because Fireworks itself is great tool for prototyping and wirefriming.

Fireworks Mini Web Wireframing Kit

Download the Fireworks Mini Web Wireframing Kit - 90 Kb (.PNG)

The file is in .PNG format which is native to Fireworks and means you can edit and resize all the shapes in Adobe Fireworks.

Released under WTFPL License

1 Responses to “Fireworks Mini Web Wireframing Kit”

  1. // Anonymous Brett Widmann // 1/27/2011

    This is a very nice set up. This should be very helpful.  

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