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HTML5 Mini Template

Wednesday, August 25, 2010 { 3 Comments }

Three interesting projects emerged this month.

Chris Coyier called them :

Papa bear: HTML5 Boilerplate
Mama bear: HTML5 Reset
Baby bear: HTML5 site template

There are HTML5 starting point templates. The main differences are what external libraries they include.

My approach is to start with less stuff and then gradually upgrade.

So inspired by Papa, Mama and Baby Bear I created HTML5 Mini Template (Mama Bear is pregnant):

It uses:So you have freedom to put your favorite JS library, your fonts and everything else. This project will work only with the browsers who support HTML5. If you want to make it work in the older browsers you should put some extra divs inside the HTML5.

Download HTML5 Mini Template on GitHub

3 Responses to “HTML5 Mini Template”

  1. // Blogger Beben Koben // 8/28/2010

    thanks for share my friends...
    it will be great next time...  

  2. // Anonymous Brett Widmann // 1/17/2011

    This is really helpful post! Thanks for sharing!  

  3. // Blogger Unknown // 8/22/2011

    Thanks for making this -- the entire HTML5 boilerplate is a bit too large of a starting point for my small personal website.  

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