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Photoshop glyphs tester

Thursday, April 08, 2010 { 4 Comments }

Three different project inspired me to this Photoshop tool.

Arial versus Helvetica, GLYPHS Palette petition by @ilovetypography and Web Font Specimen by Tim Brown

I needed a tool who can visualize and compare basic glyphs from the English Alphabet and can be easily extendible.

I didn’t find any tool on the market for comparing different fonts. So decided to build one. Photoshop like a most used graphical tool seems to be a logical choice for this project. So that is why I used Photoshop instead of Illustrator. Photoshop is everywhere :)

Every letter(glyph) is a different layer in Photoshop and all the glyphs from the same font make one Photoshop group(by default can be Red, Green and Blue). Every group(and all the glyphs inside that group) is exactly above or below the other group so we have perfect mach of all the letters(glyphs).

You can easily select and change the font or color of all the letters inside one group so you can compare any font installed on your computer.

By default are three web safe sans serif fons groups R ( red color 144px Arial), G(green color 144px Tahoma )B(blue color 144px Verdana). Feel free to change the font add new group or glyph.

Photoshop GLYPHS Tester

>> Download Photoshop glyphs tester

4 Responses to “Photoshop glyphs tester”

  1. // Anonymous Retouching Service // 6/05/2010

    thanks a lot for sharing this nice post! I always love to read your blog.  

  2. // Anonymous Clipping Path // 6/17/2010

    It was really nice post! Thanks a lot for sharing...  

  3. // Anonymous insurance company // 7/02/2011

    I think these glyphs are just amazing. They can be of great help for my future works. I am looking for something like these before for one of my work and I’m so happy that I found it now.  

  4. // Anonymous Martin Lapietra // 7/12/2011

    Very Nice post!  

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