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Hacker News Mobile (Front Page Reader )

Thursday, November 25, 2010 { 2 Comments }

One of my favorite web site is Hacker News. Hacker News is the probably the best community for the people who want to experiment with new technologies and make their own online businesses.

I decided to make mobile version for HN only for the front page news, mainly for the people who want to fast check front page news without consuming much bandwidth.
I basically striped everything leaving just the titles and the link pointing to the comments.

So here is image how I do it:

Everything is made with pure JavaScript and HTML and the content is optimized for iPhone, iPad and Android but can run almost in every browser with minimal JavaScript support (works even in IE5.5).

The application takes Hacker News RSS and with help of Yahoo YQL transforms into JSONP and then is processed by JavaScript.

If you don’t know what JSONP is here is my tutorial.

YQL is very cool technology here is one useful resource also see Christian Heilmann site . For now YQL is safe from being unplugging and I hope will it not have the same destiny like Yahoo BOSS.

All HTML, JavaScript, CSS and JSONP will weigh about 10kb. The Hacker News page is about 40kb so you will safe about 30kb.

But the main motivation behind this project wasn’t saving bandwidth but having clean essential page(yes, even more essential then now). I had trouble finding the story link among different links even I had clicked few seconds before on the link. So If you like it use it.

>>Link Hacker News Mobile

Did I mention that is compatible iPhone, iPad web app. Just tap to + bookmark button Add to Home Screen. It should also be compatible with Android.

Any suggestion, comments?

2 Responses to “Hacker News Mobile (Front Page Reader )”

  1. // Blogger Beben Koben // 11/27/2010

    I do not have a cell phone like iy...
    xixixixix ;))

  2. // Blogger Vladimir // 11/27/2010

    @Beben: You actually don't need cell phone to run the application :)  

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