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To Do List (A4 Paper – Grid Design)

Monday, November 30, 2009 { 8 Comments }

In the office we all have A4 format white paper for printing and almost always we print only on one side. Happens often we are not happy with the print and we threw away the paper or the blank side can be reused for re-printing.

Lately I’m having trouble getting organized, many ideas little time. For my long term projects my Moleskine works great, but I need something super simple to organize my week. I know that there are millions of other electronic or paper solutions (notebooks, organizers) but they didn’t work for me in the past.

So I decided to build A4 grid based To Do List. So I made simple A4 modular grid.

Invisible grid:

The final result:


So now I can use the non printed side of A4 paper for creating my weekly To Do List.

Like I did in the past I will share everything with you. Maybe someone also will find this thing useful and try to reuse A4 paper.

Here are the files: .PNG (300 dpi) and Photoshop .PSD

You noticed everything is essential there are not hours like 9.00, 10.00 … to provide maximum customization.

How you can use it?

Open the .png file and print it in landscape mode. And that is it. If you want also pocket size format take the A4 paper and curve in half and other half and other half. The grid lines should match the white space.

And you have your own pocket size or extendible A4 to do list.


Note: Feel free to optimize everything for your needs inside Photoshop PSD file . For the font I used Helvetica but in the .PSD is Arial for multi-platform compatibility.
If you are paper prototype lover check my previous experiment Sketchbook for web designers

8 Responses to “To Do List (A4 Paper – Grid Design)”

  1. // Anonymous Grid Design // 11/30/2009

    Thanks Vladimir. A nice little idea for any spare paper left loose in the office. Love the invisible grid design, too ;0)  

  2. // Anonymous Anonymous // 11/30/2009

    Vladimir, this reminds me of Pocketmod (http://www.pocketmod.com/). Do you know it?  

  3. // Blogger Vladimir // 11/30/2009

    @Matteo: I actually re-discovered that site one hour before I publish this post :)  

  4. // Blogger Bharath Kuppuswamy // 12/02/2009

    Reuse and help mother nature.  

  5. // Blogger Bharath Kuppuswamy // 12/02/2009

    This comment has been removed by the author.  

  6. // Anonymous Attitude Design Portfolio // 3/29/2010

    Love this - a creative and green solution! Grids rule!  

  7. // Anonymous shredding San Antonio // 12/07/2010

    I have also noticed the same thing, when we are not satisfied with the outcome of our documents when they are printed, we just throw them away instead of reusing the blank side of the papers for other purposes. Your idea is quite helpful especially to those who are having difficulty getting organized. I, for one, recalls my tasks when I write them down. After the papers served their purpose, it does not end there. We may collect all our used papers and have them shredded or give them to a recycling plant.  

  8. // Anonymous shredding Dallas // 1/31/2011

    Keeping things or your tasks organized does not have to be costly. A simple 'to do list' can help you remember what you need to do for the day. I really appreciate it when people try to maximize the use of paper so as not to waste it.  

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