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Designing typographical wallpapers for iPhone

Tuesday, October 06, 2009 { 2 Comments }

I recently discovered http://typenuts.com site about iphone & desktop wallpapers for font freaks.

I couldn’t resist and right away started to design typographical wallpaper for iPhone.
I what to share the design process with you.

First I discovered the size and resolution of the iPhone(480-by-320-pixel resolution at 163 ppi).

The second question what to display on the wallpaper?

Why not just simply "iPhone".

Lately I’m obsessed with the golden proportion and search of perfect proportion. So you can understand why I choose Helvetica for the first experiment.

Also I wanted to try Jost Hochuli theory that we need only upper half of the letter in order to understand the text.

The letter "i" is 89mm and "Phone" is 13mm who are part of Fibonacci numbers sequence .


iPhone walpaper golden ratio

and result:

iPhone walpaper

The second is wallpaper is dedicated to Georgia and that beautiful ""g".

iPhone Georgia walpaper

And the third is Ampersand from Palatino. I used 5mm for palatino and 55mm for amp sign.

iPhone Amp Palatino walpaper

You can view and download all at Flickr iPhone typographical wallpapers

or download everything .PSD(source) and .jpg

You can play with photoshop file and personalize everything.


2 Responses to “Designing typographical wallpapers for iPhone”

  1. // Blogger JK Wolken // 10/06/2009

    I really like the second one and the third is nice too.
    The first instead doesn't meet my taste: I find the color contrast a little harsh (I'd try with a very dark grey instead than full black), I don't like the 'phone' part to be so hidden either.
    Good job overall!!  

  2. // Blogger Vladimir // 10/06/2009

    @JK: Thank you for the feedback, I had my doubts for the first wallpaper color palette. That is why I published .psd so everyone can change and personalize the color palette and other options inside the Photoshop layers.  

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