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Custom Logo Land - Logos for Startups

Wednesday, November 28, 2012 { 4 Comments }

For several mounts I've been working on my new project http://www.customlogoland.com/

Custom Logo Land is collection of 51 simple handmade logo templates that are easy to personalize. All 51 logos cost $99.

Why I made this project?

In the past I needed Logo for some of my open source projects, apps and demo templates but I want prepared to buy expensive logo for every single project. That is why this project is born, affordable logos for everyone.

I think there is real need for logo templates that are generic, versatile and can be used multiple times in various projects.

I think that this project can be ideal for:

- People who are making startups and need something inexpensive or the idea is "under development" and they need present the initial project to potential investors.

- Developers who are making WordPress, Drupal, Joomla templates and they need a Logo for their demo template.

- Logos for developers for their open source projects.

- Logos for app developers.

- Logo for your clients with low budget.

- Or you simply like some of the logos and you think that it can right for your project.

You can use the logos endless times for your personal or professional project and you can even sell one of the logos in the template and make money.

Any question or comments?

Link http://www.customlogoland.com/

4 Responses to “Custom Logo Land - Logos for Startups”

  1. // Blogger Fernando Correia // 11/30/2012

    Looks like something I could use. I'll consider licensing it. On the other hand, it doesn't look like "logo template", it looks more like a shape library. For logos it would be interesting to see more layouts using those shapes.  

  2. // Blogger Vladimir // 11/30/2012

    @Fernando Correia: That was my point universal shapes(logos) that are easy to customize.  

  3. // Anonymous Logo Kujundamine // 12/17/2012

    Love what you're doing and keep it up  

  4. // Anonymous Paxton Quigley // 2/27/2013

    I like the basic shapes but I would like to see a wider use of colors in your display. Especially the ∞infinity symbol∞  

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