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Some useful scripts for Photoshop Layer Manipulation

Tuesday, January 24, 2012 { 1 Comments }

Last mounth I published Hand Drawn Icons it is set of 282 icons made in Photoshop. If you ever worked with large set of layers in Photoshop you will know how difficult is to mange and organize all this layers. I what to share some of scripts that help me perform different tasks in Photoshop. Many designers ignore the possibility of scripting inside Photoshop with languages like JavaScript, but in many cases using scripts in Photoshop can be time and "energy" saving.

The script that in my case was most useful was Export Layers to Files.jsx (that is included into Photoshop) this script saves all separated layers into files. In my case it took Photoshop about 8 hours to complete the task and save all the 280 icons. It is a slow process but you don't have to manually save all 280 files.

Number of Layers. Other useful script was layers count or how many layers (in my case icons) you have. Only condition for this script is you need to ungroup all the groups(folders) in Photoshop.

Save all layer names into one long list. Why is that necessary? Because in that why I can easily find out missed-spelled layer names by simple copy-paste the list into some text editor like TextEdit (Mac) or Word (Win) that will automatically selects all missed-spelled words.

Search duplicate names. When you are making similar icons or other stuff it comes natural to give same name to icons that perform the same function. But layers with the same name are not welcomed in the final version so "there can be only one" file with the same name.

Order Layers Alphabetically A - Z

Note: All the Layers need to be ungrouped before you excite some of the scripts.

How to install this scripts

Download and copy the scripts inside Photoshop > Presets > Scripts [Folder]

Then you need to go to open Photoshop and than File > Scripts > Browse find the script (where you previously copied it) and click Open.

You may also find my previous Photoshop scripts useful:

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1 Responses to “Some useful scripts for Photoshop Layer Manipulation”

  1. // Anonymous Logo Design // 1/30/2012

    Nice Script Writing, thanks for share :)  

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